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E.g. Bargiacchi, Ippolito Desideri's contribution to the geographical knowledge, “The Universe”, a. LXXXV, n. 6, November to December 2005, pp. 788-807 (pdf of the pages of the magazine, courtesy of’I.G.M.).

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Dialogue with Enzo Gualtiero Bargiacchi of p. Ippolito Desideri s.j. (Italian routes to Buddhism), by Tiziana Chiappelli, "Religion and Society" (Quarterly journal of religious studies), a. XX, n. 52, May to August 2005 ("The invisible and space"), pp. 99-104 (Speech / documents).

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other items:

*historical and geographical

The articles in the magazine “The Universe” are published courtesy of’Military Geographical Institute Florence
(Presentation of “The Universe”).

E.g. Bargiacchi, In Central Asia after De Filippi: Giuseppe Tucci, in Laura Cassi (and.), The “Abode of Snow” and papers found. Filippo De Filippi and Italian scientific expeditions in Central Asia (1909 and 1913-14). Proceedings of the Conference – Florence 13-14 March 2008, Society for Geographical Studies (“Geographical Memoirs” – Published as a supplement to "Italian Geographic magazine” – New set # 8, year 2009), Florence, 2009, pp. 159-180.

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*philosophical and religious

Special thanks to Pasquale Light, Director of “Travel Notes” for permission to reproduce an interesting article in the Camaldolese Brother John Martin Kuvarapu (Sahajananda), both in translation published in Italian, both in’Original English.

J.M. Kuvarapu, Mission without conversion. An open letter to the Christians, “Travel Notes“, a. XVIII, n. 105, May to June 2009, pp. 33-41.

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R: Tagore, Tagore in Venice, “Mission Today“, n. 1, January 2009, pp. 13-16 [speech in Venice February 1 1925, pubblicato per gentile concessione dell’University of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Venice].

M. Vannini, Spiritual practices and mystical experience [unpublished 2007-2008].

The Map

The journey of Ippolito Desideri in Europe, in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, in India, and its circumambulation Himalayan.
Charts, and tables itinerarie set by Enzo Gualtiero Bargiacchi and designed by the Military Geographic article for EG. Bargiacchi, Ippolito Desideri's contribution to the geographical knowledge, "The Universe", a. LXXXV, n. 6, November December 2005, pp. 788-807.
Reproduced in E.G. Bargiacchi, A bridge Across Two Cultures. Ippolito Desideri S.J. (1684-1733). A Brief Biography, Military Geographical Institute, Florence, 2008.

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