Wish trip in Europe

Wish trip in Europe (27.9.1712 – 16.3.1713 and 11.8.1727 – 23.1.1728)


The journey of Ippolito Desideri in Europe, shown here in his schematic and layout in the table itineraria, took place mainly in the going by sea, while the return took place mainly by land. Apart from the interest to the account of the mode of travel of the time, have an important relief localities, especially French, where the Jesuit missionary had meetings with eminent religious and civil (even the royal court), through which were shipped to Europe the first reliable news on Tibet and the Buddhism. About the meetings The Fleischer see the essay by Alison Gopnik, Could David Hume Have Known about Buddhism? Charles François Full, the Royal College of La Flèche, and the Global Jesuit Intellectual Network. It was presented 27 June 2008 the seventeenth annual meeting of the World History Association (Seventeenth Annual World History Association Conference, Queen Mary, University of London) and published in “Hume Studies”, Flight. 35, n 1-2, 2009, pp. 5–28.