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A memory of Aldo Gallotta

It was shut down recently at his home in S. Maria Capua Vetere Aldo Gallotta, still young scholar of Turcologia. In tratteggiarne the scientific, I can not even remember her quiet and gentle personality; researcher patient, precise and relevant, was always shy and sheltered from the exterior and from those grandstanding that often accompany the attainment of the chair.

Pupil of the great Italian Alessio Turcologo Bombaci (1914-1979), is formed at the school of Maestro competence and sensitivity to linguistic and literary. Long part of its activity was also paid to patient research in Italian archives; among these I would like to recall the period spent by Gallotta in the Archives of Turin, where he spent several days with Sergio Noja, patient in the reconstruction of the material recovered from the coast connects Milan.

In addition to the study and publication of materials unpublished manuscripts in turkish osmanli, Gallotta has devoted particular attention to the Seljuk period, helping to reveal some little-known aspects of one of the most unique cultures in the world turkish, and the analysis of myths and legends, many strands of the ideological turkish modern and contemporary.

The Society for the Study of the Middle East was honored to have him among its first members participating, and, I live with regret for the man and scholar, remember the memory.

* * *

Among the major publications of Aldo Gallotta we like to remember:

- Khayr al-Din (Khidir) Pasha, Barberouse, in “Encyclopaedia of Islam”, II s., IV, 1978;

- Diplomas Turkish State Archives of Florence. Letters from Algiers at the Grand Dukes of Tuscany (Seventeenth century), in “Studies Maghreb”, XI (1979);

- The turkish osmanli of the sixteenth century. according to the “Gazavat-i Hayreddin Pasa”, Supplement 39 to the Annals, 44 (1984), fasc.II, Naples, 1984;

- The Turkish manuscripts of the Royal Library of Turin, in Studies in honor of Francesco Gabrieli in his eightieth birthday, Rome, 1984;

- The “bribes Oguz” and the origins of the Ottoman state: a reconsideration, in The Ottoman Emirate (1300-1389). A Symposium Held in Rethymnon, 11-13 January 1991, Rethymnon, 1993;

- World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts: Italy, II, London, 1993 (in collaboration with P. Orsatti and B. Pirone).

Valeria F. Piacentini


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