Francisco Godinho S. J.Francisco Godinho S. J.

(Évora, Portugal, 1596 – Goa 30.1.1662)

Francisco Godinho nacque a Évora in Portugal in 1596 – Goa 30.1.1662), entered the 1615 in Society of Jesus, partì per l’India nel 1619.

Nell’aprile 1626, con i padri João de Olive tree (1595-dopo il 1641) and the Mastiff Angels (nome portoghese assunto in India dal francese Alain de la Beauchaire, 1592-1636), accompanied by Manoel Brands (1596-dopo il 1641), reached António de Andrade a Tsaparang, in Tibet occidentale, allora regno indipendente di Guge. The poor health made him stay in Tibet only a year, and, after two years to Agra, returned to the mission of Goa, engaged both in seat, sia a Says, Daman (Daman) and Bassein (Vasai).

Morì a Goa the 30 January 1662.

Padre Godinho scrisse una relazione sul suo viaggio (lettera inviata da Tsaparang in data 16.8.1626), published in French in a booklet entitled Advis sure a wider descouverte the Kingdom of Cathay, With few other notables particularitez the coste of Cocincina and antiquity of Foy Chrestienne in China. From the letters p, p'. the C. de J. of the Year 1626, Sebastien Chappelet, Paris, 1628, pp. 28. See also, in inglese, Henri Hosting S.I., A letter of Father Francisco Godinho S.I. from Western Tibet (Tsaparang, August 16. 1626, “Journal and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal”, 21, 1925, pp. 49-73.

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