Red Flower

Red Flower, Bridge, 2008. Acrylic on wood, 23.5 x 33 cm

Red Flower è nata a Surabaya, in the eastern part of the island of Java (Indonesia, but at the time the Dutch East Indies), the 17.6.1937.
Lives and works in Pistoia.
Studio: Via del Maglio, 22 (corner of the Middle Way) - 51100 Pistoia - Italy
cell. +39 335 318041
e-mail:bunga.merah37 @




Red Flower


Tuesday 10 June 2008


Liber Art Cafe

Library B.Della source

Montemurlo (PO)

Hours 21.00

The exhibition will remain open until

Saturday 28 June

Info: Dorothy Palandri

339 3352595

Music Dripping

The work is being presented this evening by the artist

is characterized by an absolute originality

and freedom of expression.

As can be seen from the name of the show,

Bunga creates his works accompanied by the sound of Jazz

and thanks to the technique of “dripping” (Drip),

but as he likes to say she:

“is not the usual dripping, to Pollock, but a system invented by me with a special chemical,

it is and remains my secret.

We study over several years,

and finally managed to achieve”.

The chemical used by the author is really special,

so much so that it was used as a fountain pen,

through which “write” words and images

that only the jazz flows.

Bunga creates his works being

standing over them,

allowing the brush to follow his movements (action painting),

in a dance to the rhythm unparalleled vibrant jazz.

Dorothy Palandri.

Full Moon
Red Flower

Three days of Art
Ven.12 - Sab.13 - Dom.14
December 2008

Aperitif pm 17.00
at the small gallery
Via del Maglio n. 22

The exhibition will remain open until Sunday 11 January 2009.

Contact Bunga Merah: 335 318041.

As an experienced actress, Bunga Merah back on the scene, typically work with a sui generis, invincibly new.

Il dripping, his dripping, will lead a small room next to the studio in Via Del Maglio, the author herself transformed into an intimate gallery; a wunderkammer gold that will light up the golden light of the moon.

The exhibition has the task assigned to it by the same artist to enact his dripping from every pore, to show this technique to those who still do not know and to propose again in all its splendor bursting to those who are part of the sector.

Bunga opens for us a sweet treasure chest of secrets, giving new blood under.

The exhibition strongly desired by the author during three nights of the full moon just wants to be a hymn to, with a devoted energy tells us that this satellite now secula seculorum and a seductive invitation to rediscover our feminine side (of any sex).

The moon, and in particular the full moon, has always exerted a certain influence on humans; even on its work in the fields and in the garden.

For example: during the full moon is advisable to sow violets or do the pruning of the rose.

The moon is also linked to traditional birth; not at all in many cultures is just called "the great midwife" ... whatever his influence we will be faced with a FULL MOON OF DRIPPING, or a DRIPPING IN FULL MOON .... that is PURE ENERGY ...

Dorothy Palandri

Silver disc:let me consider a goddess,

your, with your face mirrored.

Tonight, nightly, your form is perfect,

your presence sublime.

You know it. Appear before the sun

is gone,

wrapped in the glorious mantle of the night,

and we look beautiful,

idyllic making our dusty world.


The exhibition will remain open until Sunday 11 January 2009.

Contact Bunga Merah: 335 318041.