Luciano Petech

(Biographical sketch and bibliography)

The biographical sketch is taken from the introduction (“Foreword”, pp. VII-VIII) a:

The. PETECH, Selected Papers on Asian History, IsMEO (Serie Orientale Roma, LX), Rome, 1988.

The same volume is the bibliography up to 1986 (“Bibliography of Luciano Petech till 1986”, pp. XI-XVIII); this is followed by the update until 1989, taken from the "Note bibbliografica" premise:

Paul DRefine (and.), Indo-Sino-Tibetica. Studies in honor of Luciano Petech, Bardi publisher (University of Rome 'La Sapienza'. Oriental Studies, IX), Rome, 1990.

A further update of the bibliography, 1990- 2000, is contained in pp.. 38-39 of:

Elena DAnd Rossi Filibeck, The contribution of Luciano Petech, the history of Tibet, in "Journal of Oriental Studies", a. LXXVIII, n. 1-2, 2004, pp.25-39.


For the English biography see: