Stefano AnastasioStefano Anastasio

Nato a Florence the 16.05.1966.

2004: Promotion (PhD) at the
Institute of Prehistory- and early history of dell’University of Heidelberg. Title of the thesis: The Upper Haburtal in the Jazira between the 13. and the 5. Jh. BC. (Supervisor: Prof.. Dr. Harald Captain).

From 2004 Technician in the Department of Archaeology and History of Arts of’University of Siena, responsible for the Laboratory of Archaeology in the Near East and Adjunct Professor of “Historical geography of the eastern Mediterranean” (SSD: L-ANT/01) for the Degree of Archaeology.

Excavations and surveys
Starting from 1987, has participated in excavations and surveys in Syria (Tell Barri &
Archaeological survey of the Upper Khabur Western), Turkey (Cilicia Survey Project) and excavations in pre- and proto-in Italy in Tuscany and Sardinia (Sesto Fiorentino, Contraguda, Murrone). From 2009: member of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Jordan “Building Archaeology in Jordan”, directed by Prof. Roberto Parenti (University of Siena), in charge of the reconnaissance surface of the Umm es-Sarab.

Main research interests
Historical Geography of the Near East / Iron Age in Upper Mesopotamia / pottery

Selection of recent publications

- Monuments on the Silk Road: the shipment of the De Filippi 1913-1914, “Annals of the Faculty of Arts, University of Siena”, Flight. XXIX, 2008, pp. 57-76.
- The Italian Archaeological Mission in Mesopotamia 1933 and the excavation of Kilizu (Qasr Shamamuk, Iraq): materials stored in Florence, in “
Yearbook of Archaeological School of Athens and of the Italian missions in the East“, LXXXIII, Series III, 5, tomo II, 2008, pp. 197-234
When the Himalayas was further of the stars. Pictures of De Filippi Shipping 1913-1914, Academy of Fisiocritici, Siena, 2008 [ISBN 978-88-902298-1-7] (author with Massimo Mazzoni)
The Upper Haburtal in the Jazira between the 13. and the 5. Jh. BC. Die Keramik Projektes of Archaeological Prospecting Upper Khabur Western (Syria NS)’, CET, Florence, 2007.
- The settlement in the region of the Mesopotamian Limes between the end of the Assyrian Empire and the Roman conquest, in
Annals of the Faculty of Arts, University of Siena, XXIV, 2004 (2005), pp. 63-90.
- curator with
Marc Lebeau e Martin Wild: APUM-Preclassical Atlas of Upper Mesopotamia (Subartu XIII), Brepols Publishers, Turnhout, 2004.

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