Conferences 2004-2006

The 22 October 2004, by Vittorio Kulczycki, I gave a lecture on Want to Rome, at "The angle of the adventure and the great travelers”, (Tiber Testaccio 10; corner of Via Romolo Gessi) of "Adventures in the World” (presentation in "Travel Adventures", n. 4, 2004, pp. 7-8 and signaling in the chronicles of Rome of various newspapers): has had great participation and interest so well received that much to program another evening made the 15 February 2007 (see below). “Adventures in the World"In addition to having published a review of the essay on Want, it plays an appreciable diffusion.

The 17 December 2004 took place at the headquarters of the Roman National Research Council the conference "The K2 fifty years later. Scientific research in extreme environments "with the participation of the highest authorities, Ministers (John Alemanno), Secretaries, Presidents of scientific institutions (Fabio Pistella, CNR; Vincenzo Cappelletti, Italian Society for the History of Science; Frank Salvatori, S.G.I.; Augustine To POLENZ, Committee Ev-K2 CNR; etc..) and relationships with the most important Italian scholars of the various sectors concerned. The report carried here by Nadia Fusco, by Italian Geographic Society, has taken into account the great figure of Ippolito Desideri a result of the essay published in "Local History / 2", duly reported to the general attention (This part of the report does not appear in the published summary of the acts).

The output of the essay on Wish it was an opportunity for the organization of a meeting that was held on 18 January 2005 at the Scientific Literary Cabinet G. P. Vieusseux (Sala Ferri di Palazzo Strozzi, Florence), by the Vieusseux-Asia and Society for Geographical Studies Florence. The meeting entitled "Italian travelers in Tibet", introduced by Maurizio Bossi (Responsible for Romantic Center Cabinet Scientific-Literary G.P. Vieusseux) and coordinated by Adriana Boscaro (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), opened with my relationship ("Ippolito Desideri and the discovery of Tibet and Buddhism in the early eighteenth century"), which was followed by that of Herbert Lo Bue professor of Tibetan language and history at the University of Bologna ("The contribution of Fosco Maraini to the knowledge of Tibetan culture in the early twentieth century "). The third report ("The Eastern Studies in Florence in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries") was not taken due to illness of the rapporteur, prof. Paul Marrassini (University of Florence, former dean of the Faculty of Letters of the University). The meeting, which has been a great success for the number of qualified participation and interventions that stimulated, is marked with extensive services on the pages of Pistoia "The Tirreno” (Wednesday 12.1.2005, p. VII / Pistoia. L'Agenda, An essay by Bargiacchi Wish protagonist of the Vieusseux) and "The Nation” (martedì18.1.2005, p. IX / Agenda Pistoia, Enzo Bargiacchi presents its 'Wish' to Vieusseux) and on the Tuscan de "The Journal” (18.1.2005, Vieusseux. Three centuries Want to travel from Maraini); reports also on the pages Florentine de "The Nation” (16.1.2005) and "The Republic” (18.1.2005) and also in "Italian Geographic magazine” (a. CXI, fasc. 4, December 2004, p. 811). The text of this conference is published in the "Bulletin Historical Pistoiese”, a. CVIII, 2006, pp.155-156, with the title Reflections on a missionary Pistoia too long underestimated.

Sunday 23 October 2005, at the conclusion of the annual festival "Literary”, in the hall of Municipal Library Forteguerri of Pistoia, I gave a lecture entitled: “The discovery of Tibet and Buddhism. The Jesuit Ippolito Desideri of Pistoia '700 origin of modern travel literature”; the conference, preceded by an introduction by John Capecchi (Department of Culture of the Municipality of Pistoia) and an introduction by Giorgio Petracchi (professor of history at the University of Udine), found a large and active participation (reports in the chronicle of Pistoia, his "The Tirreno"The 30.9.2005 and 23.10.2005 and "The Nation"The 23.10.2005). The lecture is published, with the title Ippolito Desideri to the origins of travel literature, its “Geostorie“. Bulletin and newsletter of the Italian center for historical and geographical studies. Regular quarterly, a. 16, n. 2, May to August 2008, pp. 171-187

Thursday 24 November 2005, at the Convent of San Domenico a Pistoia, under the program 2005-2006 the Centro Cultural 'Maritain’ (article de “The Nation“, 28.10 2005), by Mariangela Maraviglia, I gave a lecture entitled "Ippolito Desideri and the first confrontation between Christianity and Buddhism”. The conference, which was announced by large items of Mariangela Maraviglia (Ippolito Desideri and the first confrontation between Christianity and Buddhism, Life”. Catholic newspaper Tuscan, a. 108, n. 41, Sunday 20.11.2005, p. 7 / Seven Pistoia) and Caesar Sartori (Tibet 'discovered' three centuries ago by a Pistoia,The Nation”, 22.11.2005, p. IX / Agenda Pistoia, has aroused great interest, as is shown by Article Matilde Palandri (Ippolito Desideri missionary in Tibet, Life”, a. 108, n. 43, Sunday 4.12.2005, p. 7). The text of this lecture, with the title Ippolito Desideri and the first confrontation between Christianity and Buddhism, is published bi-monthly in three parts on "Travel Notes”. Notes spiritual quest (Rome), Mrs receive by counting del 2006 (a. XV, nn. 82, 83, 84, January-February, March to April, May to June, respectively pp.. 38-43, 44-49, 32-37).

The 27 January 2006 I did a speech entitled "The experience Tibetan Ippolito Desideri"As part of the International Conference"Lingue e culture dei missionari” (Udine 26-28 January 2006), edited by Nicola Gasbarro and Carla Marcato for International Centre on Multilingualism and the Department of Lingue e Letterature Germaniche e Romanze dell’University of Udine (with the collaboration of the Department of Philosophy, the Centro di Cultura Canada and Committee for the development of the humanities and linguistic). The conference was opened by the rector of’University of Udine, Furio Honsell, and by the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, Vincenzo Orioles. The proceedings were published at the beginning of 2009, by Nicola Gasbarro, in due volumi, The cultures of the missionaries, and The languages ​​of the missionaries (Bulzoni Publisher, Rome); The experience Tibetan Father Ippolito Desideri is on pp.. 101-124 of The cultures of the missionaries.
Sunday 5 February 2006, at the Villa Groppoli (Pistoia), headquarters of the Association "Friends of Groppoli”, by Gian Piero Ballotti (President of the Association) and Andrea Ottanelli (editor of "Local History"), I gave a lecture entitled "Ippolito Desideri SJ: extraordinary journey and exemplary life of a great Pistoia ", .


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