Events 2008

This same document, Wish Project. Research, Publications, various initiatives. 1997-2008, was published by the Municipality of Pistoia and presented in the Auditorium of San Giorgio Library of Pistoia Tuesday 4 March 2008. The presentation of Leonardo Rombai was preceded by introductions of the Cultural of Municipality of Pistoia, Rosanna Moroni, and the President of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia. Ivano Paci, and followed by the screening of the documentary Wish by Massimo Prevedello, warmly welcomed by the large audience. Report on the initiative “The Nation“, Sunday 2.3.2008 (p. XII / Agenda Pistoia: The meeting, Lorenzo Maffucci, The world of Bargiacchi and 'Wish Project) and Tuesday 4.3.2008 (p. IX / Agenda Pistoia: daytime & night, At the “SanGiorgio” Would the project); its “The Tirreno“, Sunday 2.3.2008 (Want pioneer of religious dialogue) and Tuesday 4.3.2008 (San Giorgio, Would you talk about); its “Life“, Sunday 4.5.2008 (Article by Leonardo Soldiers); his "Il Tremisse Pistoiese” (review Alberto Cipriani). Always su “The Tirreno” came out, the 12.4.2008, a larger article by Paul Gestri (see Appendix bibliographic).

The documentary Prevedello has received new attention to the release of a book that retraces the steps of the journey followed to achieve it, trip to turn on the trail of the great Jesuit missionary enterprise of the: Nico Bosa, Filmistan. Tibet Effect, Vallecchi (Necklace “Off the road”), Florence, 2008, pp. 352, Euro 9.50. Bosa, friend, traveling companion and collaborator of director, pours in this work his passion of travelers, his knowledge of an expert in the history of exploration and memories of an unforgettable experience in a fictionalized account of great charm. Sul book, winner 2006 section of the unpublished award Albatross of Palestrina for travel literature, see: Article by Laura Montanari its “The Republic” Sunday 16 March 2008, in a whole page (Florence, p. XI) recall with photographic record before (The Tibet of Ippolito Desideri); article of the same Bosa the bimonthly “Blu. The magazine of the territory“, a. 9, n. 34, April 2008, pp. 28-31 (From Crespano to Lhasa.A film and a book of two Bassano on the trail of a Jesuit of the eighteenth century), A presentation of Filmistan Effetto Tibet was held Friday 26 September 2008 ( all ore 17, in the Auditorium of San Giorgio Library of Pistoia), by the same Library and Publisher Vallecchi. In addition to the author intervened Enzo Gualtiero Bargiacchi and Umberto Cecchi, journalist, writer and director of the series “Off the road”. He was then shown a clip from the documentary Wish, while Caesar Sartori read some excerpts from the book. On presentation see articles on Thursday 25.9.2008 Pistoia in the chronicles of the newspapers: “The Tirreno“: Effect Tibet to San Giorgio;The Nation“: Adventure in “Land of Snows” on the trail of Ippolito Desideri. Report on the “Corriere Fiorentino” Friday 27.9.2008 (p. 14, Tibet Effect).

The Polo Universitario Pistoia (University of Florence) has been named Ippolito Desideri on the basis of the new Statute of the Consortium Uniser, chaired by lawyer Giuseppe Totaro. In Multi-year planning document, approved by the members of the Consortium, point 5.1, reads: "The naming of the Polo to P. Ippolito Desideri want to be recognition of the spirit of scientific research and cultural openness to the forerunner of a great civilizations of Pistoia still little known: the values ​​he lived references are typical for a university open to the signs of the times and challenging inspiration for our action ».

During the 2008, also in relation to the tragic events Tibetans, were held in Pistoia various initiatives in the course of which I have illustrated the importance of the testimony of Desideri about historical events critical to Tibet. Saturday 3 May at 18, at Space (di M. Pompeii e A. Trippi) Via Hospice, introduced by Valentino took place during a meeting, entitled “Where is Tibet? Dialogue on difficult freedom“, on which I participated together with the historian Giorgio Petracchi (University of Udine), the economist Andrea Paci (University of Florence), the poet Robert Carifi, and Tiziana Losa, monaca dell’Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa of Pomaia.

Wednesday 3 September 2008, a Masotti (Pistoia Serravalle), during the Feast of provincial Pistoia the Democratic Party (Space Debates) I attended a meeting, entitled “Tibet: yesterday, today, tomorrow …”, introduced by Riccardo Beans and with assistance of Bert D’Arragon (President of’Association Vasubandhu), the pastor Don Franco Monticelli and Mr Matthew Mecacci (President of the Inter-Parliamentary Group on Tibet.

The 3 May 2008 (I mentioned earlier the same day of the event), All 15.30, I attended at the Pensioners' Union (SPI)the CGIL of Pistoia a presentation of a trip to Tibet through slides of Dr. Leonardo Bugiani, with a screening of the documentary Wish of Prevedello. In the same place (Via Puccini, 68), and within the cycle “A trip to Tibet”, curato da Mina Barbato, for the Coordination of Women SPI-CGIL Pistoia, Saturday 17 May, hours 15.30, I gave a lecture entitled “From Pistoia to Lhasa. An extraordinary journey of three centuries ago that still has much to teach”. Reports of the Conference, the same day (17.5.2008) its “The Nation” (Tibet told by Enzo Bargiacchi) and of “The Tirreno” (Conference on Tibet); the news has also been reported on “Life“, a. 111, n. 22, Sunday 1.6.2008 (Leonardo Soldiers, Tibet told by Bargiacchi).

The commitment around Wish helped to awaken the interest on the noble figure of Philip De Filippi, which imposed the missionary Pistoia attention of the international community of specialists. The need to return the correct value of the person and work of the explorer was proposed by me to the main national institutions and publicly declared on the occasion of the initiative, above-mentioned, on “Italian travelers in Tibet“, held on 18 January 2005 in Palazzo Strozzi of Florence, by the Vieusseux (Program Vieusseux-Asia) and Society for Geographical Studies The first result of the Convention The “Abode of Snow” and papers found. Filippo De Filippi and Italian scientific expeditions in Central Asia (1909 and 1913-14), organized by Society for Geographical Studies (13-14 March 2008. Florence, Palazzo Nonfinito. Via del Proconsolo12) and accompanied by a show held by 14 to the 24 March, edited by Leonardo Rombai in Palazzo Pazzi Ammannati (Borgo Albizi 28, Florence). On this occasion I was co-, with Leonardo Rombai, its “Filippo De Filippi” and speaker on “In Central Asia after De Filippi: Giuseppe Tucci” (both the 13.3.2008). The Conference, opened by the President of S.S.G., Carlo Da Pozzo, hosted the greetings of Augustus Marinelli (chancellor University of Florence), Pia Passigli De Filippi and Alvise Passigli (heirs De Filippi), Maurizio Bossi (Vieusseux), Carlo Colella (General, Commander I.G.M.), Hannibal Salsa (president C.A.I.), Claudio Smiraglia (president Italian Glaciological Committee), Giorgio Vassena (president Central Scientific Committee C.A.I.), and Sergio Zucchetti (head IMONT); followed reports: Giacomo Corna Pellegrini (Univ. Milan), Hannibal Salsa (pressure. C.A.I.), Frank Farinelli (Univ. Bologna), Angelica Sella (Fondazione Sella, Biella), Andrea Cantile (I.G.M.), Francis Surdich (Univ. Genoa), Mattia Sella (Central Scientific Committee C.A.I.), Enzo G. Bargiacchi (IsIAO), Nico Mastropietro (Were. Vieusseux), Luisa Rossi, Maximum Mazzoni (Univ. Florence), Leonardo Rombai (Univ. Florence) Enzo e G. Bargiacchi, Maria Mancini (S.G.I.), Laura Cassi and Margaret Azzari (Univ. Florence), Pierpaolo Beech (Univ. Padua), Claudio Smiraglia (pressure. Italian Glaciological Committee), Gianni Tartars (Ev-K2-CNR), Verga and Giampietro (Ev-K2-CNR). The conference continued with the “Round Table on the conservation and enhancement of the scientific”, introduced and coordinated by Maria Mautone (C.N.R.), with interventions: Zeffiro Ciuffoletti (Univ. Florence), Bruno Old man (Univ. Florence), Maximum Diaco (IMONT Industry Research), Chiara Silla (Reg. Tuscany), Emanuela Sixth (Fratelli Alinari. Foundation for the History of Photography), Splendor Barbagli (Museum of Natural History, Florence), Cosimo Chiarelli (Were. Vieusseux). Conclusions of Mary Tinacci (Univ. Florence).

On the exploration of De Filippi has been set up to Siena, by Massimo Mazzoni and Stefano Anastasio, an exhibition entitled "When the Himalayas was further of the stars“. Scientific expeditions of the past ". During the exhibition period (13 February to 30 June 2008), always at the 'Academy of Fisiocritici (square Silvio Gigli, 2 – Prato S. Augustine), Sara is presieduta Ferri, held a series of conferences; in this context, Wednesday 16 April 2008, I have treated of "De Filippi and exploration of Upper Asia: a long and adventurous ": relations of the great explorer with his predecessors (mainly Wish, which he dedicated to the enhancement of the work of the best energies of his later years) and Joseph Tucci, who completed the exploration of the Tibet, especially in terms of history, art and of the philosophical-religious. The conference was reported in the news de Siena “The Nation” (Tuesday 15.4.2008, p. XV / Agenda Siena, Fisiocritici, mostra sull'Himalaya) and “Corriere di Siena” (Wednesday 16.4.2008, p.25 / Block notes), and the chronicle of Pistoia de “The Nation” (Tuesday 15.4.2008, p. XV / Agenda Pistoia, The exploration of Upper Asia). Always su Tucci, I gave a lecture in Rome, Tuesday 25 November 2008, at the’Adventure Angle of “Adventures in the World” (“Giuseppe Tucci and exploration of Tibet“).


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