Start (First steps)

The first phase of study and research point out only two public appearances. A special mention deserves the support to the creation of the documentary "Wish"By the late director Massimo Prevedello (1963-2002), with the collaboration of Giandomenico Bosa and with my historical advice. The documentary, produced by Ethnos of Bologna (production manager Elisa Mereghetti), with the contribution of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia Publishing and Italian Missionary (E.M.I.) of Bologna, was presented to Pistoia (Bishop's Palace) June 8, 2001 by the same director, with interventions Christmas Receptions (Company Pistoiese of National History) and Gherardo Gnoli (President of’Italian Institute for Africa and the East), After the introductions of Ivano Paci (President of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia) and Lido Scarpetti (sindaco of Municipality of Pistoia).

This documentary was screened successfully at various film festivals, among which "Religion Today” (Trento and Jerusalem, 2001) where he won the award named after Don Silvio Franch for Interreligious Dialogue; was warmly welcomed Jerusalem, "Where he was applauded and discussed for two hours a cinema full of people upset about the war. There were a toehold, the hope of a dream, a journey of peace " (Lia G. Beltrami, I remember Max, “L'Adige”, 9.8.2002).
The documentary was screened in various contexts, and is available online on the website of Tuscany Regional Media: / archivi_tematici_desideri.html
My research in progress on Want and the first results were widely cited in a fundamental work of Antonio Attisani on theater and Tibetan culture (A ce lha mo. Study on Tibetan forms of theatricality, Leo S. Olschki Publisher, Florence 2001).
Completed the first phase of research, a fine 2003, appeared the first work.


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