The Biography of Wish

In the spring 2006 I completed a new work: a synthetic, although complete and documented biography of Ippolito Desideri.

The book, published by the Brigade Leoncino of Pistoia, was presented 5 May 2006 Staff of the Hall Town Hall of Pistoia of Antonio Frintino (President of the Brigade Leoncino), Caesar Sartori (journalist), Fabio Scialpi (Professor of Indology and History of Religions at the University of Rome and Basilicata, on behalf of 'IsIAO for the illness of President Gerard Gnoli), Leonardo Rombai (Professor of Geography in 'University of Florence) and Nicola Gasbarro (Professor of History of Religions in 'University of Udine). The presentation was announced in the pages of the newspaper Pistoia "The Nation”: 30.4.2006 (p. IX, Lorenzo Maffucci, Has resulted in Pistoia a little 'world), 4.5.2006 (p. X, The Pistoia who discovered the Tibet and Buddhism), 5.5.2006 (p. XIII, Desires and Tibet).

The book was received with great warmth in a second presentation a Rome Wednesday 14 February 2007, hours 17, at the headquarters of Italian Geographic Society (Villa Celimontana - Via the Carrycot 12), where it was introduced by geographers Andrea Cantile dell’I.G.M. (director of "The Universe”) and Claudio Cerreti University of Rome (Director of "Bulletin of the Italian Geographic Society”), by the historian of religions Nicola Gasbarro (University of Udine), by Jesuit Thomas Gain, national director of 'Apostleship of Prayer e da Maria Angela Fala (University of Rome), director of the quarterly "Dharma"And vice-president of 'Unione Buddhista Europea. Worth noting is the intervention of Prof.. Frank Salvatori, President of the S.G.I., which announced the availability of a direct commitment to the presentation of the new publication (Desiderius bibliography) announced on that occasion. Report of the presentation of the volume S.G.I. his "The Nation” (Tuesday 13.2.2007, p. IX / Agenda Pistoia, In Rome, the biography of Wish) and "The Universe” (a. LXXXVII, n. 2, April to May 2007, pp. pp. 299-300). Reviews of this summary biography came out of "The Tirreno” (Thursday 15.6.2006, p. IV / Pistoia, Paul Gestri, The Secret Wish Scout last effort of Bargiacchi), “Geostorie” (Bulletin and newsletter of the Italian center for historical and geographical studies, January to August 2006, p. 112, Francis Surdich), “Bulletin Historical Pistoiese” (2006, pp. 206-208, Renato Risaliti), “Adventures in the World” (January to June 2007, pp. 123-124, Fausto Angeletti), “The Universe” (a. LXXXVII, n. 2, April to May 2007, pp. 299-300, Stefano Caciolli), “The Catholic Civilization” (21.7.2007, pp. 206-207, Thomas Gain), “Bulletin of the Italian Geographic Society” (July to September 2007, p. 795, Claudio Cerreti), “Life” (a. 110, n. 45, Sunday 16.12.2007, Mariangela Maraviglia, The adventure Tibetan Ippolito Desideri), "The Open Book". Quarterly newsletter of the Section of Pistoia Italian Alpine Club (a. XIX, n. 3, December 2007, p. 11, Rita Couriers Becherucci, Ippolito Desideri, Pistoia, first European hiker in the Himalayas), “Italian Geographic magazine” (December 2007, pp. 666-667, Leonardo Rombai). Complete information in 'Bibliographical Appendix. Of this work has been said:

Leveraging years of research on travel and on the writings of Ippolito Desideri […] l'A. provides us with a documented profile of this Jesuit missionary considered both from the point of view of psychological, cultural and religious, highlighting the strong personality with a particular rational capacity supported by a sound theological, that allowed him to capture and convey the essence of the cultural and religious Tibetan hitherto almost unknown to the Western world [F. Surdich, “Geostorie”, January to August 2006, p. 112]. I was fascinated by the style and content [the book ... ], writes so human, rich, full of life and proximity to the reader [Mariano Ballester S.J., ticket manuscript sent to the author, of Rome, 18.5.2006]. […] exciting work on Wish, so well documented, accurate, richly detailed and profound observations like the one on confession […] the quotations [Wish to] always so full of life that seems to be there and to share with him adversity, cold, aspirations and frustrations [Gian Carlo Castelli, typed letter sent to the author by Anguillara, Rome, 12.6.2006]. Absolutely can not underestimate the importance of this book of modest proportions, but of remarkable interpretation of the figure of the most versatile genius I've ever had the city of Pistoia. […] There is no doubt that Enzo Bargiacchi able to give us a profile of a human and psychological Ippolito Desideri […] The script by Enzo Bargiacchi is a penetrating, agile and rich bibliography of the works of imperishable Ippolito Desideri [R. Risaliti, “Bulletin Historical Pistoiese”, 2006, pp. 206-208]. Bargiacchi gives us a detailed picture of the character [And ...] the vividness of the narrative of the terrible journey is such as to make us partakers of the sufferings of the hopes and frustrations of missionary Pistoia, as if we were there with him. All the work in fact reads like a compelling novel, smooth and enjoyable, with a style more concise and comprehensive, with a highly effective prose in which disclosed the true passion as a scholar and researcher and human sympathy for this extraordinary [] character [F. Angeletti, “Adventures in the World”, January to June 2007, pp. 123-124] It should be noted […] the correspondence between the text of Desires and their considerations Bargiacchi interspersed with notations travel related to the same places visited in recent times; the result is a very special dimension of travel and fully contextualized for the geographical. […] by cues that Gasbarro defines the responsible travel […] you come to the intrinsic message of peace hidden in the folds of understanding the other through historical notations, anthropological, religious, scientific and social; the result is a book extremely pleasant and varied [S. Caciolli, “The Universe”, April to May 2007, pp. 299-300]. This book is a biography in a narrative style pleasant and attractive, starting from the original sources and manuscripts of p. Wish […] From the pages of the biography also shows that the true figure of the Jesuit, which is embodied in the charism of the Society of Jesus […] It could be argued that in this way a. Wish lived overcoming the ego egocentric, common to Christianity and Buddhism, and that opens the passage to a more universal dimension [T. Gain, “The Catholic Civilization”, 21.7.2007, pp. 206-207]. Bargiacchi […] does full justice to the traveler [Wish] giving a concise biography and effective, pleasant to read, clear and illuminating - and documented from beginning to end despite the choice, that, to keep the information on a plane just prior, waiting (we hope soon) to give the prints a text more […] detailed [C. Cerreti, “Bulletin of the Italian Geographic Society”, July to September 2007, p. 795]. Since the publication in 2003 of The Report of Ippolito Desideri, Enzo Gualtiero Bargiacchi dedicated two more full-bodied and valuable work to focus the figure and work of the Jesuit missionary Pistoia […] With the volume of 2006, Bargiacchi - Relying on a very large critical literature-based multidisciplinary and many archival sources preserved especially in the Roman Historical Archives of the Society of Jesus - Provide for the rebuild with a sure hand and with great detail the biography of Ippolito Desideri [The. Rombai, “Italian Geographic magazine”, December 2007, pp. 666-667]. Volume agile and at the same time rigorous, The book brings to life, on the basis of sources and original manuscripts that Bargiacchi knows and completely mastered adventure Desiderius and the overall shape of its religious and intellectual protagonist and his unique ability to penetrate into cultural worlds far away, unexplored up until his time [Mariangela Maraviglia, “Life”, 16.12.2007, p. 2]. Text […] certainly interesting for many aspects and then to recommend to those who want to discover and learn about our Framework Polo of the mountains, missionary Pistoia respectful and attentive to the cultures of ethnic groups that met [Rita COURIERS Becherucci, "The Open Book", December 2007, p. 11].

The last copies of this first draft of the biography of Wish, to be followed by a much more extensive and documented in the course of preparation, can be obtained from Taberna Libraria Federica Lucarelli (by Rose, 38 – 51100 Pistoia – such. 0573 994562, fax 0573 307270 – e-mail: ). [Follows]

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