Premise (Reasons for research)

Driven by the felt sentiments expressed by leading experts in each subject area, and impressed by the beauty and depth of the writings of this missionary I am committed, fin dal 1997, in a long and passionate search. The character is fascinating because, virilely modest and proud at the same time, is able to harmonize a rousing heroism with an irreproachable holiness. His sober rational capacity combined with a compassionate attitude sympathetically, allowed him a penetration that never ceases to amaze. Just think of the illuminating explanation of the central concepts of Buddhism, as that of emptiness, expressed in terms, difficult to overcome. He said Joseph Tucci that "even today there are very few Westerners who can rightly understand the depth of this doctrine; so it is no wonder as you like without any knowledge of filosofia indiana, could then grasp the true meaning of those difficult ideas ".

First it was necessary to clarify the reasons for non-publication of the report of his journey and of his findings and then to its poor reputation despite the size of the enterprises and the chorus of accolades tributatigli personalities of the first magnitude, such as those mentioned above, and various other of the various disciplines (Geography, explorers, historical, Anthropologists, linguists, Orientalists, scholars of religion, etc..).


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