Research (Sources and research)

To shed light on the various aspects are still obscure I started a thorough investigation, collecting all the existing documents, manuscripts or printed, returning to the original sources, retracing research previously carried out, uncovering new clues and new materials.

The manuscripts preserved in the town of Wish Society of Jesus (A.R.S.I.) and related documents, served as the foundation for research, which also made use of the letters and documents contained in the Archive of the Congregation already "de Propaganda Fide"And the first draft of the" Report "Desiderius (autograph manuscript) filed with the National Central Library of Florence (Background Rossi Cassigoli).

The events relating to the late emergence and tiring work of the Jesuit missionary were reconstructed through materials never come out from the archives: manuscripts of the National Central Library of Florence (Background Rossi Cassigoli, Archive De Gubernatis, Archive Gherardo Nerucci), manuscripts and documents preserved in the historical and administrative center of Italian Geographic Society in Rome and 'Military Geographical Institute Florence. The completion of the search yielded the discovery of a new archive, the correspondence of Philip De Filippi, privately stored by the heirs of the explorer who have kindly allowed the reproduction. The papers kept lovingly by the grandson of Philip, Pia Passigli De Filippi (1914-2008) are now handled by the son of this, Alvise Passigli.

Looking for every possible source was followed by a thorough philological and historical, that led to the acquisition and study of various materials related to local history and the international events of the last four centuries, with particular emphasis on missionary history, the history of exploration and mountaineering, the colonial history, developments of Oriental studies and various intersections and connections of these stories sectoral.

From these studies it was found that the work of Wish, in addition to the historical, maintains an unchanged scientific value and a potential yet to be expressed both in terms of knowledge about what the dialogue between different cultures and traditions. In particular, a serious encounter between Christianity and Buddhism can not be separated from his work. The awareness of what prompted me to devote all energies, in the spirit that animated the missionary, to a specific project

's dedicato, but turned to the general good.


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