Developments and results of the project

Great importance for a full exploitation of the work of Desideri will result from the publication and translation into English of his Tibetan unpublished manuscript by two of the leading experts in Tibet and Buddhism, as the American Donald Lopez and Tibetan Thubten Jingpa (official translator of the XIV Dalai Lama).

The website dedicated to Ippolito Desideri, in addition to this same document, in Italian and English, and to articles and documents relating to the missionary, also houses important works relating to the two major disciplines, historical, geographical and philosophical-religious, related to the Orient and his encounter with the’West, to the Buddhism and issues related to the comparison of the Christianity with the Buddhism the, more generally with the Eastern religions.

The commitment on the theme aims to culminate in the establishment of a foundation headed to Wish on the themes of the East-West-Christianity and Buddhism, open to all geographical aspects, historical, geopolitical, philosophical and religious, related to the Asian region of great geostrategic importance both politically and economically and to our relationship with it. This foundation which can provide a rich library of books and documents should aim to publish in Italian and in English the entire work of Wish, including Tibetan texts, the most important of which is as yet unpublished (the "Report" well taken care of by Petech is not available even on the antiquities market).

The prospects in this regard are reported in the aforementioned review-article on "The Catholic Civilization” (a. 156, flight. IV, quad. 3730, 19.11.2005, p. 368, note 4) and reporting by Stefano Caciolli his "The Universe” (a. LXXXVII, n. 2, March to April 2007, pp. 299-300:300) which is given here:

Among the achievements in the longer term we point […] the creation of a foundation dedicated to Ippolito Desideri for which Bargiacchi has been working for some time: around this idea you are collecting some important institutions determined to give substance to this initiative.

In addition to directly promote the work of Wish, a foundation like the one proposed could play a function of study, research and debate on all the issues listed above, making it alive and productive teaching pioneer of a great and noble figure, boast of a religious order, of a city, of a nation, is a precious heritage of all humanity.

Enzo Gualtiero Bargiacchi (8 December 2009).